These are the questions we most frequently are asked.  Have a question that is not on this page?  Please use the contact us link for any other questions.

How do I sign up for a shoot?

There are several ways to do so and the most common one here in Missouri (MO) is to go directly to the club’s website and sign up there.  For larger regional and national events there are two primary websites for registration and scores they are and


How do I join MOSCA?
When you join the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA), you automatically become a member of MOSCA if you are a resident of MO. To sign up, go to

Does MOSCA charge dues?
The short answer is No.

When you participate in a NSCA registered shoot in the State of MO, $2.00 per 100 NSCA registered targets ($.02/target) is collected from every shooter, even if not a resident of MO. Those monies are then sent to the MOSCA to run the association and sponsor the annual Missouri State Championship.

How does MOSCA raise money and pay expenses?
From target fees collected by clubs at NSCA registered shoots, this is the only revenue stream that the MOSCA has.  The fact of the matter is that we have seen a 25% reduction in registered targets from '10 to '12, with an accompanying 25% reduction is gross revenues:

  • ’10 329,625 registered targets,

  • ’11 273,100 registered targets,

  • ’12 247,850 registered targets.

There have been many factors involved in this reduction of registered targets, i.e. poor economic conditions, rising shooting costs (shells, clay birds, etc.), extreme weather conditions, and so on.  To operate optimally and deliver the types of events and services that the MOSCA wants to deliver for shooters and members clubs, we cannot afford to do so on registered target fees alone, $.02 at a time.  Consequently, we will be pursuing other revenue generating opportunities. 

Who can participate in a MOSCA Shoot?
All shooters. There is currently only one MOSCA sponsored shoot per year, the Missouri State Championship. Out-of-state shooters are not eligible for drawings, prizes or awards furnished by the MOSCA unless the host club provides separate out-of-state awards. Out-of-state shooters can participate in options and win money.

Why aren't all registered shoots listed in Sporting Clays Magazine?
The magazine requires at least 3 months advanced notification. Shoots may be added or cancelled during this time. We are aware that some shoots are inaccurately listed, but MOSCA is not allowed to communicate directly with the magazine. Efforts are made to send accurate information to the NSCA who can contact Clay Target Nation. Click here to view the MOSCA shoot calendar.


How do the clubs get to pick the shoot dates?

Shoot dates are provided on a first come, first serve basis and by looking at the clubs requests and considering the different geographies within the State.   

Who are the MOSCA Board of Directors and NSCA Delegates?
Click here to view our Board and Delgates.